''Marianna came into our company as a consultant, lending a hand and providing her expertise to our social media team, as part of a training program. However, what Marianna brought to the table was so much more than expert knowledge, she inspired us and sparked our creativity. It would be no exaggeration to say that Marianna reignited my passion for the industry and cemented my confidence in my professional abilities. What we learnt on the course was invaluable for our day-to-day processes and has hugely improved our social media capacities as an agency. The best (and most fun) training program I have ever been on, thanks Marianna!''
- Rosie Ryan, Social Media Manager (TOH PR)


Boguslavsky & Co were hired on a consultancy basis for a luxury UAE PR agency earlier this year. We worked closely with their social media team over a three month period. 


Some of the core tasks of our digital and social media consultancy work included:

  • Analysis and input into the social media processes of the PR agency

  • Analysis of their social media clients and input into the social media strategy for each specific client

  • Review, discussion and modification of the social media pitch documents and processes

  • Social media advertising training 

  • Social media reporting analysis and training 


We also compiled and implemented SEO and PPC training programs on-site which included the following core aspects:

  • Overview of SEO + core aspects of SEO strategy (website structure + key phrases + content optimisation + link popularity + social & search)

  • Recent changes to Google Algorithm

  • Keyword Research & Tools + Introduction to Webmaster Tools

  • SEO Audit with specific recommendations

  • Introduction to PPC (search advertising) + how to structure a Google AdWords campaign

  • Elements of an effective ad (copy, text, keywords focus, longtail keywords, display url, landing pages)

  • Bidding & Tracking for Google AdWords

  • Practical training by actually creating Google Adwords Campaigns, launching and modifying