It's getting hectically busy at Boguslavsky & Co - new clients, awesome new projects, new business pitches. It's all a bit mental. So we need some help in the form of the most awesome Dubai based part time intern (with most work done from home but once a week must be able to work from our office). 

We're looking for these skills:

  • Social Media skillz - You rock at Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Snapchat/YouTube/etc. You are a bit of a social media addict (so are we, so are we) and you understand the power of social media when it comes to marketing and working with consumer brands.
  • Extraordinaire writing skills - You have a blog, you are passionate about writing, you get tone, and you rarely make any grammar or spelling errors. 
  • Research skills - Online research, stats, data, graphs, that kind of thing. You are able to sort through tons of information, pick out a few gems, and put together something awesome. 
  • Professionalism - You are professional, respectful and reliable. We have very little time for nonsense. 
  • Design skills will be an added bonus - If you are creatively gifted and know how to use Photoshop, you're as good as hired. And if you have a basic understanding of HTML, then expect to be lavished with praise and chocolates on a daily basis. 

It's OK if you're still a student, it's also OK if this will be your first ''real'' job. We're looking for someone who is hungry and willing to learn, who wants to kick off a career in digital marketing, who is excited about getting to work with some super cool brands, and hopefully can learn a lot from us. 

Sounds like you? Email us -