Boguslavsky & Co *is* a small digital marketing agency (or a digital strategy agency to be more precise) so obviously we would state that a small digital marketing agency trumps a big, corporate one (it really does though). But if you need more convincing, how about some of these reasons:

If you choose to work with a large agency, chances are the person pitching the presentation to you (someone super senior) is not the one who will be working on your account (usually an overworked junior account exec will be assigned to manage your brand). On the other hand, one of the major benefits of working with a small digital agency is that the few highly experienced and skilled people who run the agency are also the ones doing the core work. 

The big agencies are usually juggling long lists of clients so personalized attention is rare. Smaller agencies value their clients more and tend to spend less time worrying about the hours billed and more time focusing on going the extra mile and adding value.

When you run your own agency (as I do) you genuinely care about your clients and the work that you do for them (and this is clearly reflected in the actual work). But the corporate professionals don't always have the luxury of caring as they are managing dozens of accounts and their focus tends to be more on just getting stuff done and moving on to the next client. 

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