I’ve juggled freelancing and interning for a little while now, although I still feel new to the game. My biggest takeaway so far has been a quote I read a year ago:

Entrepreneurs are willing to work 80 hours a week to avoid working 40 hours a week.”

More and more, I think how this applies to my everyday work habits which I’ve developed without the rigid routine of 9-6 office confines. It’s a risky step I took but one where I’m glad I followed instinct over comfort. The above quote has resonated countless times interning at Boguslavsky & Co – a small digital strategy agency with a massive appetite for new clients, pitches, coffee and croissants. It’s been a hectically busy, but fun month. One involving film clients and local UAE brands. Manic would be the least to describe it, especially my first week, but as with most things, time has allowed Marianna and me to find our groove.

Here are a few of my learnings from my intern experience so far:

Task emails are a blessing: As much as I love jotting notes in my IPhone, emails make the best to do lists. Everyone is on the same page that way. Early risers are early emailers, so I’ve learnt that if I’m expecting one to come my way it is better to be the one to email first in the mornings :)

Direct critique isn't for the faint of heart, but we all need it: Coming from a PR background I’ve been acclimatized to picking up the desired voice of the client. So much so that sometimes you can lose your own. I needed feedback and that push beyond my bounds to write creative and versatile content. 

Stick to deadlines: A client wants something redone in one day that took three days to produce. Many people have heard this before – but like I said, I’m slightly newer to the rodeo. Staying firm with deadlines means that in the end the quality is not compromised and you maintain your credibility.

Get on with it: Circumstances change in a matter of hours. So the work that was a priority moment ago, might no longer be relevant. #justgowiththeflow.