Instagram as a social media platform for brands has reached new heights in its popularity with most companies jumping on the Instagram bandwagon without much thought to their brand's Instagram strategy. This is what we usually see when implementing a social media audit for a new client - there is no cohesive Instagram strategy in terms of objectives, target market, content, frequency and other vital considerations when marketing a brand on Instagram.  One of the core components of an Instagram content strategy for a brand (especially if that company is in the design/creative/branding industry) is to consider the art direction of the Instagram profile. 'Art direction' is basically a fancy term for the 'look and feel' of the branded Instagram profile - something that is key for a brand specializing in design. 

One of our new clients in the B2B sphere is JPd (James Pass Design, a leading branding agency working with startups in the UAE ). As branding is integral to the core of their business, we took that into careful consideration when conceptualizing their Instagram strategy. As their three core branding colours are red, black and white we decided to emulate this in their Instagram profile's art direction.  We also added a dash of purple to every single image posted on Instagram as JPd's branding ideology focuses on the 'Purple Cow' concept so we loved incorporating a pop of purple colour in each image. Perfect for their branding, ideal for their 'Purple Cow' angle, and fantastic for their overall look and feel on Instagram. 

Instagram Strategy for a Branding Agency in Dubai