As a small, niche, digital & social media agency we feel privileged to work with other small businesses and startups in the UAE, especially those we admire and believe in - one of these being BookMunch Cafe, the first client we signed on when we launched our agency in January 2014. 

After working with BookMunch Cafe for over a year, we wanted to compile a social media case study for Facebook & Twitter (the two social media channels that our agency managed). Whilst there is so much more to social media than just 'numbers', it's always beneficial to chart the growth of a brand on social media: 

social media case study - bookmunch cafe

Facebook Likes January 2014  -   2240                                                   

Facebook Likes May 2015 - 4695

Facebook Organic Growth of  48%

Average Facebook Post Reach in January 2014 - 1500

Average Facebook Post Reach in May 2015 - 15397

Post Reach Growth of 1026%


Twitter Followers January 2014 - 540

Twitter Followers January 2015 - 1128

Twitter Organic Growth of  49%

Impressions of tweets over 28 days in May 2015 - 19000

Follower Growth on Twitter for BookMunch Cafe

Follower Growth on Twitter for BookMunch Cafe

Whilst we saw consistent organic growth, the true indictor of social media success was the overwhelming positive response, in both frequency and sentiment, to the tone of voice we developed for this special little cafe and the content strategy we implemented. BookMunch Cafe's Twitter profile even made it on the Hotelier Middle East's ''30 F&B brands to follow on social media'' list!

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