Last year, our agency was commissioned to compile and implement SEO training programs for some of our B2C and B2B clients in Dubai. The core aspects of these programs included an overview of basic SEO guidelines & strategy (website structure + key phrases + content optimisation + link popularity + social & search), recent changes to Google's Algorithm, keyword research & tools, and a hands on, practical SEO audit implementation. 

Whilst there is an increasing demand for SEO services for Dubai based companies as they are realising the importance of ensuring potential customers find them on the Internet before they find their competitors, a steep learning curve still exists for majority of businesses operating in this region. 

If you are a small business owner, an entrepreneur, or just starting with SEO for your brand's website, we created a list of helpful SEO guidelines that are easy to understand and implement:

  • As a first step, your business needs a website. WordPress as a great platform (make sure to invest in a responsive WordPress theme) as you will have access to a number of SEO plugins (we recommend Yoast's WordPress SEO plugin). 

  • The next step is to research, plan and write the content for your website - incorporate well written, useful and original content that is relevant to your target market. 

  • Make sure to focus on building quality links back to your website. When building a network of quality backlinks (be it through online PR, guest blog posts, directories, testimonials) aim for links from quality, relevant, authoritative websites. When it comes to link building, quality triumphs quantity. 

  • Your website must have unique, keyword focused title tags on every single page. This is a core part of on-site optimisation yet missing from most of websites in Dubai. 

  • Fresh content is vital. A business blog is great for SEO *and* for developing your brand's story/thought leadership/personality. 

These are just the first few steps in what is a complex long-term process. SEO is not a quick fix,  rather a powerful aspect of digital marketing that can help brands succeed in digital when the focus is on strategic long-term investment in SEO.