As a digital agency focusing on lead generation and growth hacking strategies for startups, we are hungry for epic//brilliant/insightful/mind blowing growth hacking content. If you are in the process of launching a startup or focusing on rapid customer acquisition and growth for your startup then you might get value out of following these five growth hackers on Twitter. 

growth hackers to follow on Twitter - sean ellis

1) Sean Ellis - the original growth hacker himself (Sean coined the term growth hacking). Inspirational, insightful, smart and tactical customer acquisition content. 

marketing and growth hacking content on twitter

2) Seth Godin - no growth hacking list is complete without the marketing genius that is Seth Godin. If you are looking to grow your business or startup, Seth's on point advice and sharing of his blog posts will be invaluable to you as a marketer. 

digital nomad growth hacker

3) Jon Yongfook - entrepreneur, founder of multiple startups, and author of the Growth Hacking Handbook. Enviable travel & foodie photos aside, his Twitter content is focused on tactical growth hacks for startups. 

growth hacking tactics 

4) Neil Patel - founder of Crazy Egg and Kissmetrics, an entrepreneur with a passion for all things business and growth. Mixture of inspiring quotes and practical growth hacking/entrepreneurial advice. 

best growth hacker on twitter

5) Mattan Griffel - recent discovery of ours, Mattan is a renowned growth hacker and founder of One Month. He tweets about technology, startups, and accelerated learning. And occasional jokes. Definitely worth a follow.