Social commerce is going to be HUGE this year - we mentioned it in one of our  previous posts. As visual, social media driven eCommerce will become more and more prominent when it comes to digital marketing for retailers, so will the rise of social commerce tools. A social commerce tool that we love and that we recommend to clients is Foursixty which makes your social content shoppable. 

social commerce tool Foursixty 

Basically, retailers and brands can use Foursixty to give their customers an easy way to shop the products that they feature on social media, specifically Instagram as they can link to their own shoppable gallery from Instagram. Brands can even include user generated social content and the customizable and embeddable product galleries for the retailers' point of sale pages. 

Aside from the obvious monetization advantage, this kind of social commerce tool will be incredibly valuable to brands that want to leverage their current social content into sales. For retailers that have an engaged Instagram community, this is the perfect app for increasing sales and making the most out of their social media content.