For business owners looking to 'get online', redesign your website, create an eCommerce website, or simply add another element to growing your brand through digital marketing,  I've compiled some tips on how to use Squarespace to grow your brand. 

I built this website using Squarespace, I also built Social Cult, Sushi Networking, Roux Logistics, and Till I Come Home websites using Squarespace. In the past, we used WordPress for creating websites for our clients, but we are finding ourselves more and more offering small businesses and startups the option of creating beautiful, affordable, sleek, and user-friendly Squarespace websites for them. 


  • Getting Started!

Super easy. Just visit and request a free trial - I usually choose a random Squarespace domain name initially (just to save time) and once the website is ready to go live, I connect the actual domain name via GoDaddy (takes about five seconds). It's US$12 per month billed annually (or US$16 billed monthly) and this includes both hosting AND the template (design). 

how to use squarespace to grow your brand
  • Picking a template

This is both the fun and the challenging part. It's about understanding your business and the type of website you would like to create in terms of not only the 'look and feel' but also the target audience and usability aspects - are you looking at showcasing your design portfolio? launching a business blog? creating a landing page for yourself as an artist? setting up a website for your restaurant? launching an online store? You can filter template options by these and a few other options, My favourite templates include Marquee, Fulton, Kent, and Nueva. 

how to build a website using squarespace
  • Modifying and customizing your template

Well done, you've decided on a template (you might still change your mind, luckily Squarespace caters for that). Now time to start modifying the demo pages and customizing the template design to create a website based on your business needs. This is the more time consuming part (which is why most clients leave this part to us). This is what the editing interface area of Squarespace looks like - where you can add pages, arrange navigation, choose styling as part of design options, integrate social media, and set up analytics. 

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  • Getting found on Google (a.k.a SEO)

You've registered for a free trial, you've chosen your template, you've finished creating your brand new website, you've linked your GoDaddy registered domain to Squarespace and you've published your website. But how to increase the visibility of your website on Google (and other search engines)? Vital to set this up properly in Squarespace. 

In the Home Menu, click Settings, click Marketing, and then click SEO.  This is where you can customize page and site titles. Also make sure to structure content with headings (Heading 1, Heading 2, etc) along with adding alt text to images, adding tags and categories to blog posts, and verifying your website using Google Search Console

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  • Setting up Squarespace eCommerce 

Your Squarespace website can also double as an online store. Stripe is the payment processor that powers Squarespace Commerce. Thanks to its integration with Stripe, Squarespace has the easiest eCommerce setup I've ever come across. Once your Stripe account is integrated into your site, you can accept payments immediately. It is limited to certain countries though as In order to accept payments with Stripe, your business must be based in one of the countries Stripe supports.

countries where stripe is offered

Thanks to its minimalistic editing interface and (almost) unrivaled design aesthetics, Squarespace is a fantastic platform for growing your brand - from being found online and showcasing your business, to launching an online shop and selling your products or services.

We'd love to help grow your brand by creating your next Squarespace website.