The way we see it there are two digital marketing trends that are going to be dominating in the next few years (and already making an impact in 2017). One of them being storytelling (be it video, customized artwork, animation, social media, social commerce, etc, etc - at the end of the day it comes down to content marketing in the form of telling and sharing really great stories that have an impact and that resonate with your target market). 

 digital marketing trends - storytelling

The other one being performance-based marketing (PPC/CPC/CPL/CMP - all relevant when it comes to social & display advertising along with SEM and SEO campaigns). Performance marketing tends to show a clearer ROI when it comes to generating leads and making sales thus more and more brands are investing in performance marketing. 

 perfomance marketing agency dubai

Whilst our passion lies in content marketing (storytelling is truly at the heart of an effective social media content strategy), we're also tech savvy to know that our clients like to see direct results in the form of performance based analytics. 

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