This week we interviewed Caylee Grey and Lauren Hooper, the co-founders of Get Messy, an art journaling community focused on inspiring, teaching and connecting. This membership site shares prompts, tutorials and inspiration each week with creating, learning, and community being at the forefront of everything they do. We chatted to the ladies to glean some tips on how to build an online creative community.

 interview with founders of an online creative community

You fabulous ladies are the founders of Get Messy (an online creative community) - how have you leveraged social media to grow and scale this community from its humble beginnings to where it is today?

Social media is how Get Messy was born and we owe ALL of our growth to it through organic sharing by our members. All of our members have found us through word of mouth from other members sharing about Get Messy. Each week we provide inspiration, tutorials, prompts, etc to help our members create artwork, then we encourage them to share it on their own social media and use our hashtag so they can share their art and connect with other members that way. Now, we have over 30,000 pieces of artwork under our tag #getmessyartjournal. We rely on members creating art and sharing it with their followers and friends, then those people getting curious and excited to make their own art and eventually joining Get Messy. 

The core ethos of your online community is to nurture creativity - which social media channel has been essential in helping you do just that?

Again, we rely completely on Instagram. Since its a visual platform, our members share their artwork and we are all able to connect over the beauty they create. 

Storytelling in social media is integral to have an impact - how have you incorporated that into your business?

One of the best things we have done is started doing 'artist takeovers' on our Instagram account. On a normal day, we repost beautiful art journal pages people have created and tagged with our hashtag. This is great and inspiring and gets a lot of likes. But! When we have an art journaler takeover our account, they will share their creative story. They show us their workspace, their favorite tools, share their best tips and tricks for creating, they go Live and use Stories to give a more intimate, behind the scenes peek into their art and it connects our followers to them and inspires them to make their own work. When we do this, we go from getting a lot of likes to connecting with other creatives and building community. We always find that story over likes is what builds a successful business and community.