After working with numerous startups and helping them with developing digital marketing strategies for success, we've compiled some of our learnings/questions for startups to consider when starting the process of conceptualizing and crafting the digital strategy to achieve their business goals:

1. Have you done your research?

It is vital to have a solid overview of the regional statistics and consumer trends relevant to the industry you're operating in - we focus heavily on researching current marketing trends and seeing what works best in terms of customer acquisition, growth, and innovation.

2. Have you defined your business goals?

Have you clearly defined your business objectives, target market and success criteria? So many startups just 'go for it' when it comes to digital marketing without doing the necessary groundwork first - so important to have specific targets in mind along with KPIs based on data, stats and benchmarking in order to achieve success criteria.

3. Have you explored which digital channels will help with achieving your business objectives?

Vital to delve deeper into the social platforms and digital marketing tactics to understand the best ways to use them as relevant to business objectives - where is your consumer? how does he/she interact with each digital channel? how can you leverage these interactions?

4. Have you created a content strategy plan?

We segment content strategies for each specific social media channel based on the target market, business objectives, and the way consumers utilize each social media channel. 

If you want to create a successful digital marketing strategy for your startup, then it's important to take time to explore these questions which will help you build the foundation for long-term growth and success.