As I run a niche digital strategy agency working with clients in Dubai & Cape Town, a part of my work involves staying on top of digital trends so I can leverage them for our clients where relevant. Some of the recent digital trends that I've noticed include virtual reality, decentralized social media networks, and the explosive growth of messaging platforms used for business purposes:


  • When it comes to VR and social media, I believe Facebook Spaces is going to be big, very big. The social VR app allows users to connect with their friends and new people in a deeper way which will make for more meaningful connections and experiences. 


  • The rise of blockchain powered social media channels or ways of sharing content - just take a look at steemit. Blockchain protocols are decentralized, and offer a level of transparency and trust that might not be there with existing social media platforms. This offers an opportunity for startups and SMEs - they get to compete where previously they were dwarfed by corporates with bottomless budgets.


  • Instagram Stories are experiencing massive growth - a must for consumer brands and B2B brands alike (as long as backed up by a smart content strategy). From being able to live stream events to giving a look inside the brand, there's so much opportunity when it comes to Insta Stories. 


  • Messaging platforms will be utilized more and more heavily by businesses - take a look at the recent launch of WhatsApp Business. Simply put, it provides a platform for businesses to interact with their customers easily by using tools to automate, sort, and quickly respond to messages.


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