''Culture eats strategy for breakfast'' - a famous quote from legendary management consultant Peter Drucker. Also, one of the most true statements ever made - especially for us, a digital strategy agency that has worked with an array of international clients.

We have worked with VML in Singapore, OMD in New Zealand, Visionect in Slovenia, Exclusive Tables in Spain, Electric Entertainment in the US, and a number of different companies in UAE and South Africa. So we know a little bit about how important the cultural context is to any digital or social media strategy.

A great example of this would be the work we did with VML in Singapore - we worked with this powerhouse of a global agency to provide strategic and cultural expertise on the social media strategy & its implementation for one of their FMCG clients, Pringles Chips. The Asian branch of this agency was tasked with handling the social media for Pringles South Africa - we helped to make sure that everything that was posted online fitted in within the regional cultural context. This applied to the creative visual content - we guided the agency in terms of the various racial and cultural groups in South Africa to make sure all the different consumers were represented visually. South Africa is truly a melting pot of cultures and we wanted to make sure this was depicted on the local Pringles social media channels.

social media marketing for Pringles South Africa