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Digital marketing for supply chain management

What is digital’s role in supply chain? How can digital marketing support the supply chain? We answer these questions and more by interviewing Martin Roux - a supply chain specialist with over a decade of supply chain management & consultancy experience. He specializes in the formulation and implementation of logistics, supply chain and value chain strategies. He has worked in supply chain and logistics in the UK, South Africa, New Zealand and the UAE. He is currently working as a physical supply chain manager - transformation at Anglo American. 

supply chain specialist interview about digital marketing

What role does digital / digital marketing play in supply chain management?

If you look at the supply chain, from the initial raw materials to the end customers/users, you can improve the omni-channel experience by focusing on various points in the supply chain. One of the ways of doing this, is using digital channels to glean feedback from the customers on their pain points or challenges which will have an impact on modifying the supply chain. 

What is an example of digital transformation for the supply chain industry?

Companies are transitioning more & more towards blockchain to ensure that all movements within the supply chain are transparent, to reduce risk & fraud, and to improve lead times. A great example of this is Maersk using IBM blockchain for these exact reasons. 

What is a digital trend that is going to have a significant impact on the supply chain industry?

3D printing is going to be big (actually, it already is big). The on-demand nature of 3D printing leads to reduction of on-site stock along with improving working capital.