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Digital marketing trends for 2020

The digital marketing landscape is evolving fast and businesses are struggling to keep up, especially small businesses and startups who do not have the resources that larger businesses might have. Part of our core offering and the way we help SMEs and startups is by being ahead of the curve, preparing for changes, and putting strategies & processes in place that will help these businesses succeed. We’ve done a roundup on the digital marketing trends for 2020 and how to leverage them to stay ahead of your competition and remain profitable.

  • Problem? Too much content, oversaturation of content online. Solution? Experiment with voice search. According to Google, 50% of all online searches will be voice-based by 2020.

  • Problem? Social shares are on the decline, so is organic engagement on social media. Solution? Focus on performance marketing. As Neil Patel advises, spend a dollar, make two dollars. The focus needs to be on conversions specifically tracked conversions.

  • Problem? Decline in results from a digital marketing channel that was performing well. Solution? Omni-channel marketing is the way of the future, especially as leads to a lowed CPA.

  • Problem? Traditional customer acquisition methods are no longer working. Solution? Digital marketing in 2020 is all about data and metrics which is where working with a data scientist comes in (advanced knowledge of visualization tools, especially Tableau and D3 technology is preferable).

  • Problem? Converting leads into customers as usual CRO methods are on the decline. Solution? Psychology will play a large role as traditional CRO methods will no longer work in 2020- personalisation will be key - businesses will need to look at using chat.

At the end of the day, you as a marketer or a business owner, will need to put your target market first, focus on HELPING, and the revenue will follow.



MQLs for a B2B startup in hyper-growth stage

One of our projects last year involved working with an European B2B startup focused on transforming smart offices and modern workplaces. Not only did we help with the digital strategy, performance marketing and video marketing for this tech startup but we also focused on generating a steady flow of MQLs for the sales team.

As most startup and business owners know, you can’t grow your business if you don’t have a steady flow of new, highly interested buyers. MQLs (marketing qualified leads) are inbound leads generated by the marketing team or marketing specialists (us in this case).

What did this involve?

  • Collaborating with the sales team to produce relevant content that met the needs of both prospects and customers.

  • Driving SEM, SEO, keyword, and list or segmentation strategies.

  • Developing display marketing campaigns, and paid social campaigns to generate MQLs.

  • Developing and analyzing key marketing and sales metrics to ensure KPIs were being met.

working with European B2B startup in hyper-growth stage



Full-stack digital marketing agency for startups and SMEs guide

Boguslavsky & Co is a full-stack digital marketing agency helping primarily startups and SMEs (although we’ve worked with a number of corporates also) - what exactly does this mean though for our clients and prospective clients?

In a nutshell, the full-stack marketer (or, in this case, marketing agency) is able to work across a range of marketing disciplines. Not only are we able to have an in-depth understanding to conceptualise and create strategies bit we also have the practical working knowledge to implement these strategies. This enables us to drive growth for our clients whilst working in a lean, efficient way to ensure we get stuff done as quickly and as economically as possible.

In terms of an agency/client fit, full-stack marketing agency fits best within startups and small companies, as they require a cost-effective solution with the capacity to see a project through from start to finish. One agency with the breadth and variety of skills to achieve the results needed instead of hiring multiple agencies.

Our full-stack digital marketing skills and ares of expertise cover the following:

  • Digital Marketing Strategies

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Search Engine Marketing

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Email Marketing

  • Content Marketing

  • Storytelling

  • Performance Marketing (PPC campaigns)

  • Website development

  • Digital PR

Need help with any of the above? We’d love to chat about how we can help you scale and grow your business.

Full-stack digital marketing agency working with startups



How to use Facebook advertising for customer acquisition

We recently attended the Heavy Chef Facebook Masterclass event in Johannesburg where Nikki Harding from the Facebook South Africa team presented useful insights into how small businesses and startups can be kickstart their brand awareness and amplify their GLOBAL customer acquisition strategy. As our key focus is to target and acquire new customers for our clients, we’ve summarised some of the main learnings from this workshop (must read for small business owners and startup founders who are using Facebook advertising for customer acquisition purposes):

  • Less is more when it comes to posting for organic reach (the more brands post on their Facebook pages, the more the decline in organic engagement which will impact organic reach).

  • Let Facebook AI do its thing - set up one ad campaign with multiple pieces of creatives (instead of setting different campaigns).

  • Don’t buy page likes, that’s money wasted. Focus on customer acquisition rather.

  • Keep in mind when targeting audiences that disclosed interests are aspirational in nature.

  • Measure offline audiences and track conversions

  • Optimize for CONVERSIONS NOT CLICKS (this is vital).

If your business needs help with customer acquisition, we’d love to help, get in touch!

facebook advertising for customer acquisition advice



How to scale a B2B startup

***This article was originally featured on SME South Africa

If you run a small businesses or a startup aimed at the B2B sector, and you have yet to experiment with performance marketing, especially social media advertising, now is a good time to start (well, a year ago was a really great time to start as more and more brands are starting to wise up to the power of social media advertising and thus it is becoming more competitive price wise). 

One of our recent projects  involved performance marketing for a B2B tech startup based in Europe whilst targeting the US market primarily, along with a few key European regions. Instagram advertising, surprisingly for a B2B brand, became the key revenue driver in terms of tracked conversions and eCommerce sales. Startup founders looking to target the B2B sector should consider that Instagram advertising can be a revenue driver for their businesses - it’s not just for B2C companies as we have worked with B2B brands and have seen tangible results along with a positive ROAS. 

Small businesses that have not yet used Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/LinkedIn paid advertising to grow their businesses, should try explore these channels for not only generating revenue but more so bringing marketing qualified leads for their sales teams to nurture and convert. 

Few points to keep in mind:

  • Vital to keep ads fresh to avoid ad fatigue and thus a low relevancy score and high CPC

  • Test different target audiences based on specific metrics - CPM, CPC, bounce rate, time spent on site, and conversion rate. 

  • Start experimenting with custom audiences (especially LAL audiences). These can include people on your email list, those that did not complete the transaction, video engagement retargeting, and other forms of content retargeting. 



Performance marketing for a B2B tech startup

One of our recent projects involved performance marketing for a B2B tech startup based in Europe whilst targeting the US market primarily, along with a few key European regions. Working on-site at the client with their in-house data analyst, we would conceptualise, create, run and test visual (videos primarily) and text campaigns on Instagram, Facebook and Google Ads. Instagram advertising, surprisingly for a B2B brand, became the key revenue driver in terms of tracked conversions and eCommerce sales.

Part of our social media advertising strategy involved using highly targeted ad creatives coupled with Facebook’s targeting, placement, and measurement tools to gain insights, deliver ad content relevant to the user journey, and increase tracked revenue conversions. We focused on creating Custom Audiences and lookalike audiences to reach prospective customers with highly relevant content.

We also ran social media advertising campaigns aimed at entering new markets such as New Zealand, Hong Kong and UAE - with the focus on generating MQLs for the sales team.

Overall we reached ROAS of around 5, which was a higher than projected ROI.