If you’re a startup founder, you know that whilst ‘growth hacking’ is the buzzword of the moment, growth hacking for startups is essential as your success tends to depend on customer acquisition growth. In a nutshell, growth hacking is a term for actions and tactics needed for startups to lead to quick growth that improve performance and get to the point of sustainable growth. Sean Ellis, who coined the term growth hacking, writes that growth hacking was born out of startups, but it is something that every smart marketer should embrace. This is something our digital strategy agency is focusing more and more on, due to working with a number of startups in Dubai, and to the increasing demand for quality growth hackers who have experience in acquiring and engaging users.

growth hacking for startups - growth hacking agency in Dubai

We plan to explore the topic of growth hacking in more detail in future posts but initially want to make sure there is a clear understanding of what growth hacking is all about. Some of the more well known growth hacks include the launch of LinkedIn with Reid Hoffman inviting his entire professional network to join him, PayPal leveraging eBay’s popularity, and AirBnb getting early traction by cross-posting on Craigslist. Basically, the concept of "growth hacking" is built on the fundamental belief that when you focus on understanding how your target market and users adopt and share your product, you can build features that help you acquire and retain more users. In regards to skills and knowledge, growth hacking is a powerful mixture of product development, marketing, and analytics.

Ultimately, growth hacking is all about scalability and virality -  it works the best when your marketing efforts culminate in new users who in return bring in more users. It’s about understanding your product, leveraging the resources available to you, and finding innovative solutions for growing the customer base for your product.

As a startup, growth hacking is a must. Executed well, it could have a tremendous impact on your growth rate. We would love to help get you started so get in touch.

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