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Social Media Crisis Management - Case Study

One of our past projects involved working with OMD New Zealand on a consultancy basis - their in-house social media team was requiring input on how to implement a social media crisis management strategy for one of their clients, SKY TV, as at the time their Facebook channel was bombarded with negative comments. Both customers and media alike were turning to SKY TV’s Facebook channel to complain and then gauge how SKY TV responded and handled the matter.

Our key recommendation centred around the need to view this as an opportune moment to turn a sour experience of a customer into a golden one. The first step was to start speaking the language of the customer as not doing so antagonised the customer even further. We recommended proceeding with modifying the community management of this page by drawing up slightly cheeky/more personality/more ‘human’ type of responses. Yes, it was a corporate brand with a specific corporate tone of voice. but when the status quo of dealing with the situation is not working, you need to pivot. At the end of the day, the customers are the ones who have an impact on the bottom line for SKY TV.

A few examples below of their customer comments and our responses recommendations in terms of refining the community management:

social media crisis management case study

‘’Trisha, not only do we hear you, but we even give more than two hoots about you and all of our other customers. DON’T LEAVE US - give us some time to look at the issues, and modify them. The new system is just as frustrating for us when our customers are not 100% satisfied but these things take time so stick with us. You will not regret it in the long term.’’

sky tv social media management

‘’Hi Ian (a.k.a our ‘long suffering customer’ as we affectionately refer to you) - we are working mad hours to make sure we offer ALL of our long suffering customers the best possible deals - sometimes it’s possible, and in some instances it’s just out of our hands.’’