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Outsourcing Content Writing

Last year we worked with Exclusive Tables, a mobile app startup disrupting the entertainment industry in Dubai and Spain, and aside from advising on social media strategy and its implementation, we also created niche content for this client in the form of blog posts.

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Majority of startups and small businesses don't have internal resources needed to create smart, well-written, targeted content on a weekly basis for their websites. For these kind of brands, it might be beneficial to explore outsourcing content writing to maximise the ROI on their website. A skilled digital agency will have the knowledge and expertise to write content that not only achieves a specific brand positioning through style of writing, tone, and subject matter, but also takes into account SEO to increase targeted traffic to the website. 

Our content strategy for Exclusive Tables focused on writing entertaining blog posts with a sophisticated/trendy/playful tone that would appeal to the target market being mostly well educated, well earning men looking for a decadent lifestyle. This was Exclusive Tables' primary target market at the time. Some of the core content themes revolved around nightclubs with a difference, bar hacks, best vodkas in the world, and dressing for a night out, amongst other post ideas. 

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An audit for digital transformation

Part of the initial digital audit phase when working with our B2B clients is assessing their current processes and digital platforms. The focus is usually on agile development and focusing on how we can add value to their business in the areas of speed, scale, and customer experience.

To accomplish this, we explore and research the following areas:

  • If the entire organization has a set of common objectives, goals and benchmarks in place
  • Analysis of the stakeholders involved, especially in regards to feedback and approvals for specific projects
  • The impact of new initiatives on current business processes
  • The processes in place that guide shared learning within the organization
  • Communicating the benefits of new initiatives to internal teams and customers
  • The type of data collection process in places and the the key performance metrics
  • How success is quantified within the organization
  • Aspects of the business that can be automated to streamline operations
  • Tools available to improve customer experience

If your business is looking at digital transformation but not sure where to get started, get in touch with us. 

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