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Social Media for Dubai Interior Design client

We have recently wrapped up a year long project working on social media strategy and implementation for a Dubai Interior Design industry client. Love That Design showcases regional interior and industrial designs across multiple industries in the Middle East and Africa so it was phenomenal to have been part of their stellar growth showcasing these designs and helping this publishing platform grow and scale, along with securing partnerships which resulted in revenue for the brand. 

social media for dubai interior design



Outsourcing social media community management

Majority of well known consumer brands are inundated with questions/requests/comments/feedback/criticisms on social media so much so that most companies are not even sure of how to deal with this flurry of activity on their social media pages. For these kind of brands, it might be beneficial to explore outsourcing social media community management to maximise optimum use of internal resources and minimize a social media crisis arising due to lack of knowledge/skills in successfully managing the social media channels. 

One of our social media projects this past year involved assisting with the community management on Pringles South Africa Facebook page - whilst Pringles is a well-known FMCG brand, it is also a brand consumers like to vent about (occasionally). The trick here is converting a negative comment into something positive or at least humorous - we have managed to achieve this on a number of occasions. 

Case-in-point one of our favourite examples of effective community management - taking an angry customer from 'That's BS' to 'I love you Pringles' thanks to an entertaining community management comment.

Outsourcing social media community management to digital agency



Social media marketing for consumer brands

The 'secret' (there's no secret - it takes skills, experience, hard work, and a little bit of experimentation) to successful social media marketing for consumer brands is to focus on these key areas:

  • Understand the nuances of each social media channel and the way consumers interact on each channel - you need to be sharing/speaking/communicating the way the users of each specific platform like to interact and engage with that platform. 

For example, GoPro's high-quality user-generated content strategy is one of the main reasons they have over 9 million followers on Instagram. GoPro doesn’t use Instagram to push their products, rather they share user-generated content to celebrate a lifestyle of adventure. 

social media marketing for consumer brands - gopro


  • When conceptualizing and creating your social media strategy, make sure you know your audience (target market), your objectives (main reasons for utilizing social media) and create content that is relevant to your target market, your business objectives, and the specific social media channel (vital have a different content strategy for each platform)

Captain Morgan does a fantastic job of this with their YouTube content strategy - cheeky with a bit of attitude, just like the brand itself. With over half a million views per video, it's a content strategy that is definitely working. 

great youtube content strategy example


  • Measure, measure, measure - have social analytics in place in order to be able to measure performance of each post and to modify based on analysis. 

We're big fans of Socialbakers. We fid their customized reports in-depth, cohesive and phenomenal for monitoring the kind of social media content that works best in terms of growth and engagement. It’s also a fantastic analytics tool in terms of the demographic breakdown of the fans and followers and their growth over a specific period of time. 

social media analysis of film marketing 


  • Be an authentic brand and true to what your consumers/customers expect of you. 

This is where narrative marketing and storytelling come into play - you or your brand is likely to have a powerful story. Share it. Showcase it. Consumers want to know why you care - they want a reason to care also. We recently collaborated with BookMunch to utilise one of their most popular social media channels, Facebook, to showcase their team from a storytelling, narrative perspective by launching a new Facebook series of posts titled 'Humans of BookMunch'.  These series of Facebook posts have allowed us to 'show and tell' BookMunch's customers about the people with whom they interact on a daily basis with but might not know anything about. 

Humans of BookMunch campaign



Social Media Marketing for Films

It’s been just over a month since signing a film as a client of Boguslavsky & Co so I wanted to share my experience thus far (a.k.a social media marketing for films a la Boguslavsky & Co). Whilst I have worked with a variety of companies and brands, ranging from large corporates to start-ups and SMEs, this is my first film client. It has been a welcome learning curve as I was hungry for knowledge about the film industry. I have loved learning about industry concepts such as production, distribution, film festivals, the making of the trailer, music copyrights, movie stills, props, and gazillion other things that have made my film fanatic self pretty happy. I have also deeply loved working with so many talented people - from producers and actors, to film festival managers and directors. Not only do I get to have in-depth discussions about movie marketing with ridiculously smart people, but everyone I have dealt with thus far has been encouraging and supportive whilst allowing me creative freedom to draw on my digital experience to market the movie in the most effective way.

A big chunk of my time during the first month of working on this film project was spent researching, conceptualising, and compiling the social media marketing strategy for the various international film festivals and for the theatrical release of the film in the US. I worked closely with my graphic designer to make sure the core concepts, campaigns, and recommendations would be represented visually in a way that would help with the comprehension of the content. I was lucky enough to have access to the director/writer of the film who spent hours discussing the finished strategy with me and providing his invaluable input.

Whilst there is little useful information out there on social media marketing for movies, one of my favorite examples in terms of an absolutely brilliant social media marketing campaign for a movie release, is the one implemented by Universal Pictures on Twitter for the launch of ‘Ted’. The Twitter account @WhatTedSaid was launched with a (rather crass) tweet. They kicked off the Twitter account just a few days before the premiere of the first official movie trailer and the message quickly went viral with crazy amount of retweets and favorites. To date @WhatTedSaid has gathered more than 600,000 followers. I was inspired by this type of ‘’persona marketing’’ and it was a concept that I ended up incorporating into the film’s social media strategy. Overall, the key aspect to keep in mind when working on a social media strategy for a film is that it is vital to create a community and a phenomenal experience around the film, with the focus on the viewers’ favorite characters, and the people behind the scenes (producers, directors, filmmakers). Marketers should be using social media to provide a space for the fans to connect over their shared interest and love for the film.