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Our article on 'Creating a Social Media Strategy for a Film'

Our article on 'Creating a Social Media Strategy for a Film' was published over on Raindance Film Festival's website. As it had a significant number of social media shares, especially on Twitter, we wanted to share a part of it here on our business blog:

Whilst I have been working in the digital marketing industry for almost a decade, working on Before I Disappear was my first foray into the complex world of film marketing. My digital strategy agency, Boguslavsky & Co, was contracted by Electric Entertainment to research, conceptualize and compile a three month social media strategy leading up to the theatrical release of the US film, Before I Disappear. We then spent three months implementing the social media strategy, during the regional and international film festivals, and as part of the countdown to the actual theatrical release.

One of our key investments this year has been in trendwatching's premium services. I found their consumer trends reports invaluable for creating the digital strategy for this film client. I ended up using some of the trends & insights from's premium offerings and being guided by the latest consumer trends in the entertainment industry. I also focused heavily on researching current film marketing trends and seeing what works best in terms of engagement.

Overall, the key aspect to keep in mind when working on a social media strategy for a film is that it is vital to create a community and a phenomenal experience around the film, with the focus on the viewers’ favourite characters, and the people behind the scenes (producers, directors, filmmakers). The social media channels should in a way be an extension of the film and the buzz around the film. I would also recommend creating a specific strategy for each of the core social media channels based on the target audience of that platform.

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featured on Raindance Film Festival website - social media strategy for a movie