cape town social media specialists 

Originally from U.S.A., Holly received her Bachelor of Science degree with two majors – Marketing and Management.  She began her professional career project managing a number of digital media projects for a multi-billion dollar international company.  Professional writing – for social media, website content, blogs, and TV commercial scripts – soon became Holly’s passion.

Her career took her to an award-winning advertising agency in Wisconsin, where she worked on digital media projects writing content and project managing a team for numerous clients including international giants, Johnson Controls and Miller Brewing.

Subsequent to leaving the advertising agency, she started her career as a freelance writer and social media specialist.  Over the next five years, her passion for the English word and the world’s cultures would take Holly to South Korea, and finally to South Africa, where she currently lives.  After those five years – which included numerous blogs, posts, tweets, and content writing – she began working for Boguslavsky & Co and has happily been here ever since.