Digital Strategy

One of our digital strategy projects involved working with an European B2B startup focused on transforming smart offices and modern workplaces. Not only did we help with the digital strategy, performance marketing and video marketing for this tech startup but we also focused on generating a steady flow of MQLs for the sales team as part of the overall digital strategy.

As most startup and business owners know, you can’t grow your business if you don’t have a steady flow of new, highly interested buyers. MQLs (marketing qualified leads) are inbound leads generated by the marketing team or marketing specialists (us in this case).

What did this involve?

  • Collaborating with the sales team to produce relevant content that met the needs of both prospects and customers.

  • Driving SEM, SEO, keyword, and list or segmentation strategies.

  • Developing display marketing campaigns, and paid social campaigns to generate MQLs.

  • Developing and analyzing key marketing and sales metrics to ensure KPIs were being met.