Film Marketing Social Media Case Study

Boguslavsky & Co were contracted to research, conceptualize and compile a three month social media strategy leading up to the theatrical release of the US film, 'Before I Disappear'. We then spent three months implementing the social media strategy, during the regional and international film festivals, and as part of the countdown to the actual theatrical release.

Some of the highlights of our social media work for 'Before I Disappear' included:

  • A Venice Film Festival Social Media Takeover Campaign by Paul Wesley & Fatima Ptacek resulting in a 40% growth in Twitter followers

  • Specific content strategies for the different social media platforms for the film, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud and Tumblr

  • Sold out screenings at Venice Film Festival, Raindance Film Festival, Hollywood Film Festival, amongst others

  • Developing content for Twitter based on creating specific persona for the film and tone of voice that resonated with the tone of the movie 

  • A 'behind the scenes' Instagram strategy that resulted in over 15000 followers within the first three months of launching the 'Before I Disappear' Instagram profile

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