Neo4j data visualization for customer insights

We have recently evolved our digital strategy service offering to include AI technology (with the focus on customer acquisition) along with Neo4j data visualization for in-depth customer insights as part of the overall digital strategy. If you’re new to Neo4j, then our interview with Erik Nolten, Director alliance & channel at Neo4j, might be a great place to start:

  • Firstly, what is Neo4j for those not in the know?

Neo4j is a Graph database. Graphs are a revolutionary way of storing and retrieving data from the Graph by enabling the relations or connections between the data.  Other database-types (like relational databases) also store and retrieve data but mainly focus on the data transactions.

  •  How can Neo4j help businesses with analyzing their data?

Graphs can help business analyzing data must easier because the relations or connections are already written in the graph-database. Graphs or Neo4j offers solutions for unique use-cases that either were very hard or almost impossible so solve. Like real time recommendations for eCommerce, real time fraud detections for Governments, Financials or Insurance companies. But smaller companies can also benefit from Graphs by Graph Analytics: an easy way of exploring data by looking at the relations or connections between data-sets.

  •  How can a Neo4j data visualization aid customer insights for growth?

 Visualization, in general, helps non-it people to explore the data in an easy way without any need of understanding database query languages. This applies for any kind of database technology. So Neo4j visualization offers the same kind of exploring the data for business users but adds the connections and relations between the data. To create growth, often you need to have a better understanding of your past sales, your customers profiles, suppliers, market information, etc. By combining all this information in one Graph, you can create a customer 360-view.

Neo4j data visualization for customer insights



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